LEASH Animal Rescue

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Our Mission

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LEASH Animal Rescue is a       501(c)3 non-profit animal rescue organization based in the Los Angeles area of Southern California.

Our rescue follows the                 no-kill policy and is operated solely by volunteers with an emphasis on foster homes, until we are able to have a physical rescue facility.

Our mission is to help as many needy animals as we can with the limited resources we have. We focus mainly on the sick, injured, disabled, and what some people might consider to be "unadoptable" animals, who are at most risk of being euthanized (killed) at our local animal shelters. We are an all-breed rescue, but have a soft spot in our hearts for the "bully breed" dogs, who are also known as American Pit Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers. These two breeds are very misunderstood and over the years have been given a bad reputation due to false information given by the media. "Pit Bulls" and "Staffies" make wonderful family pets, and are very smart and loyal.

CammiesWheels015-2.jpg picture by leashanimalrescueBased in the Los Angeles area, we are surrounded by many high-kill shelters (both city and county) where hundreds of animals are killed each day, usually solely due to lack of space. The pet over-population in our nation is completely out of control and overwhelming.

Please be part of the solution and not the problem. Spay/Neuter your pets! Check out our spay/neuter page to find a low cost S/N facility near you. Having your cat, dog, or even your rabbit, spayed/neutered will not only help control this horrible pet over-population problem, but will also help provide your companion with a happier, healthier, and ultimately longer life! Plus, in the meantime, you are helping save the lives of other animals who are in desperate need of homes at your local animal shelters.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. Please don't forget to check out our adoptable animals. They have all had a rough life, and just want to go home!